Future Implications…

Social Media + Brands=?


The social media landscape is continually changing and for many brands, this is awesome and unfortunately for many more not so great.  The reasons being are human behavior and the growth of technology.

The way we shop, receive our news and search for products/information/answers is all due to how accessible it has become.  Instantly we can just click on our smartphones and instantly we are plugged into resources right at our fingertips.  This has become a way of our current lifestyle and for brands that are not yet adapting to this growth of social media within technology, are already late and left behind.  And I will tell you why!


Having a company/brand using Social Media is crucial, during this ever-growing digital age.  Social Media allows a brand’s marketing to reach 10x its reach with the use of social media platforms. It allows for a brand to diversify its marketing efforts in more than one way. For example, You can reach your younger audience on Instagram, and your more serious audience on Twitter. However, although different platforms your brand must stay consistent with both.  Brands are discovering that social media is the pathway to pulling customers/followers to their home aka Website, with hopes of securing a follower to a customer and a customer to a loyal follower.  Social Media makes this doable because a brand is no longer just a big digital bot, however, with social media (if used strategically) it becomes humanized. Humanizing a brand by giving it a voice.  A voice to offer

  • Real-time answers to followers questions via social media ( prompt customer service opportunities )
  • Customer service ( Broadcasting important messages )
  • Engagement with followers (Monitoring conversations GOOD and BAD about your brand)
  • Transparency (Builds Trust with your followers/consumers)

A company/brand can no longer sit back and assume social media is for a younger generation, is a trend and will be over soon, can’t be monitored and/or converted to increase ROI. This thinking and assumptions are truly what is hurting most brands…. Or simply not respecting it enough to invest properly and strategically within their marketing plans. Some companies have an intern working their social media platforms, without an action plan set in place (and wonder why it’s not working or why their SEO is so low).

I am happy when I search “social media managers” etc.. and see brands with career opportunities, paying very well, may I add. I can’t help but wonder what was their determining factor, was it an increase in sales due to social media or a decrease due to not using social media.

What are your thoughts, guys?  I am curious to know why and how do you use social media, it is not going away; so I will be right here waiting to hear from you!



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